How BLIS From Ford Can Help Keep You Safer While Driving

Every vehicle is different, and all of them have their own blind spots that obstruct the view of the driver. Often times these blind spots can cause drivers to unintentionally collide with other vehicles, whether changing lanes or backing up, sometimes with fatal accidents.

Ford has been revolutionizing the automobile industry since the start and is always bringing new things to the table, and things are no different in today's technological society. Blind Spot Information System, BLIS for short, is helping keep drivers safe. Sensors located on the exterior mirrors are designed to detect moving motorized objects in a spanning radius about ten feel out from the rear bumper, providing the driver with indicator lights as well as audio tones when an object is detected.

BLIS is meant to be an assistant, helping to keep you safer when you drive but is not meant to replace good driving habits, always check your mirrors manually and drive safely. Come on down to Otis Ford Inc. today and see what BLIS can do for yourself.
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